Writing an article

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What is article writing format?

The article is needed for publication if you are writing a dissertation. If you need to write a scientific article for the journal, then you need to choose the tactics of preparing a scientific article. What are some writing strategies? Scientific article can be written in two ways:

  1. writing a research article
  2. borrowing the text from the thesis.

If the graduate student chose the first writing strategy, each article is prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed journal as a study of a scientific problem. This article presents the obtained results of the research, as well as its own development results, gives a summary of its experience, and provides an analytical overview of the information. Often, a candidate of a scientific degree of a candidate of science is not able to write an article because of his chronic employment. In this situation, the second option is appropriate.

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Often, many job seekers make the following mistakes when writing an article:

  • there is no analysis of studies that have already been conducted by other scientists and the publications of these scientists are not mentioned in the article of the applicant;
  • the title of the article does not correspond to the topic of the dissertation research;
  • the title of the article does not reflect the main idea;
  • very little actual material;
  • no analysis;
  • no conclusions;
  • grammatical and stylistic errors.

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